Job Opportunities

SPOT cowork is hiring!  We are actively looking for a Community Manager and a Quickbooks Guru / Business Manager:

SPOT cowork is Rochester's newest coworking space, with locations already open in Victor & Henrietta, NY.  We are planning to open several additional locations this year and are currently interviewing for community & marketing managers to help shape our growing brand.  We are currently interviewing for the following markets:

1. Community Manager - Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a unicorn! You read that right! The perfect person to juggle fireballs, give tours, maintain peace and order, all with a charismatic smile and UNBELIEVABLY positive attitude.

In essence you are the living embodiment of SPOT cowork. You are not just the community manager, but someone who loves creating and maintaining a work space that encourages and fosters collaboration with others. You will be the mayor, journalist, maid, tech guru, publicist, peacemaker, entrepreneur, interior designer, and accountant.

You’re the heart of the community. You know everyone by name and greet and bid adieu with a positivity that gives every member a feeling of warmth and welcome. You are not just another piece of furniture at the front door. You are the motor that keeps the operation running. You’re checking in on everybody throughout the day and ensuring everyone’s needs are met. You maintain a tidy and neat environment that allows one to get business done (keeping track of supplies, vacuuming, cleaning table tops, ensuring any refreshments and food is fresh, keeping all dishware clean). You ensure all technological devices are in working order such as internet, monitors, printers. Assist members with setting up presentations and coordinating events. Be able to learn new software and apps quickly and able to proficiently apply their function. Connect like-minded people and also be able to diffuse any contentions. Keep our social media pages active and exciting. Give tours, help members sign up or move out, and follow up with prospective members.

This is for someone that brings something to the table while also open to learning and growing with us. Someone that can take direction but also takes initiative and thinks on your feet. If you are that magical mystic creature we have been looking for send us your resume. We look forward to hitting the ground running! 

Must Haves

Valid drivers license, reliable transportation, operational smartphone, college degree. Any customer-facing experience in sales, hospitality, real estate, retail or a similar environment will be very helpful. Prior experience in coworking would be a huge plus!

Ok, lets answer some of your questions:

This is a full-time position with some flexibility for daily life. This would generally be from eight until five each day, with a lunch break in there of course. However, you might be asked to work alternative hours when we have special events.

Where would I work?  You would do your training in Victor for several weeks before landing at your very own SPOT - we are scheduled to announce locations in the coming weeks in downtown Rochester, as well as 2 or 3 of the larger suburbs in our area.  Yes, you will have some input and there are opportunities to move also.

Starting salary is around $16/hour ($33k annually) and can easily grow to $20/hour ($42k) and beyond for that ‘unicorn’!

Vacation?  Yup – they are good for the soul.  Take 2 weeks the first year, then it just gets better if you stick around with us.

Any other benefits?  Well – for starters, you would be learning the newest and soon to be hottest job in the ‘Tech-Office-Hospitality’ sector.  Cowork operators will be in very high demand around the country, get in early and write your own ticket.  Oh yea, there is also free coffee, sometimes free food and the ability to meet and hang out with some of the coolest people in Rochester.  We can assure you – this will NOT feel like a job!!!

2. Quickbooks Guru / Business Manager

Bookkeeper / Office Manager / etc. are watered down titles - it really should be master of all things numerical, organizational guru & person who 'actually' runs the company while the Founder is out making all kinds of deals and buying buildings for our next SPOT cowork.  Ok, if you read the job description above - you will start to get a sense of the type of person we are looking for.  Stellar, amazing & super-fun just don't come close!  But you know who you are, what you can do and what the general role of keeping a business organized and operating are - right?  If so, lets talk.  Since SPOT cowork is what happens with a tech entrepreneur takes on real estate and hospitality, this is a very new and sometimes complex organization.  Here are some highlights before you think about taking on the challenge:

Next Steps

If you think you are a perfect fit for any of the roles above and want to learn more then we look forward to hearing from you. Before emailing us, re-read this ad and make sure it fits nicely into your philosophy and skill set, only serious inquiries will be considered. Then do as much research on coworking spaces as you can.

Still interested? Send us your resume. We also need a cover letter written just for us. Please start your cover letter with the line, “I am perfect for the Community Manager role and here is why.” In the body of the email tell us why you'd be perfect for this position. If you impress us, we will call you for a phone interview.  Oh yea – our address?  Just put jobs@ in front of and it will get to us ;)

Of course, you are very welcome to Contact us if you simply have questions, comments or want to say hello!